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Travel Mugs

Our reusable coffee mugs help you reduce landfill one coffee at a time


Stunning pieces that will add the sparkle or pop to the perfect outfit


Magnetic charts to serving boards.

Home Decor

Decor Art

Stunning Art Pieces for your home or office


Labels to help you navigate your pantry, or to help your child not lose their lunchbox

Kats Art

Stunning Serving boards with more art to come

Wine Glasses

Super pretty wine glasses, add personalisation to make the perfect gift

Wedding Supplies

Wedding Signs

Our Mugs

Our travel mugs unless stated, are all double walled Stainless Steel and most are insulated. Our mugs are sourced from high quality suppliers that also manufacture top branded reusable mugs. They will keep your coffee hot for hours or cold for up to 24 hours.

Our reusable mugs lids are a BPA free plastic. They are a completely clear finish lid with a slide close, spill resistant lid. They also feature a wide mouth hole that fits straws perfectly. We stock 26cm straight stainless steel straws that are great for our larger mugs as regular reusable straws are only 21cm long.

By choosing to use reusable mugs you are supporting the cause of reducing the ever growing landfill crisis. Most Cafes will support your reusable choice with offering a discount on your coffee purchase. But the ultimate advantage to purchasing one of my reusable mugs is you can have your coffee in absolute style. Whether you choose a pre-made mug, choose your own glitter and ombre glitter colours, or message me via our Facebook page to customise your own specialty mug you will make everyone envious of your coffee.

Our Artworks

Our artworks are created out of pure joy of watching and making colours blend and flow. I use high quality handmade bases for my artworks that I source from reputable suppliers. I avoid using art bases above 30cm that are not suitable for use with resin such as canvases and artboards that are not back-braced as these bases will warp over time. We want to give you the highest assurance when you are purchasing high priced items so we want to provide the highest quality possible and that all starts with the artwork base.


Our Jewwllery

Our jewellery is created using resin that is left over from creating our mugs and artwork pieces. This is incorporated from my sustainable passion and wanting to reduce wastage within life and my business ethics.

I use Surgical steel stud posts for all my studs with butterfly backs, these can upgraded to large backs if required (these are great if a gift for a grandparent). Our hook earrings are made from Sterling Silver 925 except where stated.

Our Handmade earrings are created to be bold and unique where possible. Our ink earrings are hand painted on specialty paper with inks with a finishing coating to reduce the inks fading, then coated in resin. Our glitter earrings have high quality glitters mixed through the resin and handpoured into moulds.

The Resin We Use

I source only high quality products that meet all Australian standards. I use only FDA Qualified resins on items that require it, this is most important for our reusable mugs and all items on this website including other makers that I promote and sell for. FDA approved resin is safe for incidental food contact – lips and food is fine touching for limited timing, exception being high fatty and hot foods – Non certified resins can leech chemicals upon contact. If you would like more info about the resin we use please contact us.

Our artwork resin is a supreme quality resin that has a high gloss, glasslike finish. It is a non-toxic resin, which allows its mixed use for jewellery.


Supporting Others

As I am not the only small business owner out there that is striving to bring or make you amazing products, you will be able to find links to some amazing small businesses, and even be able to purchase directly on the website from some very special business owners and local artists.