Care Instructions

Caring for cloth pads is very simple. Perhaps as simple as throwing away a disposable.  It just requires you to follow a new set of do’s and don’ts.

Washing the stain off of cloth pads is one of more frequently expressed concerns. But, if you soak used pads in cold water and rinse them properly before washing in hot water, you will get a clean pad in about an hour’s time.

How to take care of your pads

Taking care of cotton pads begins much before you start using them.  Since cloth pads are made of layers of cotton and bamboo, you should wash new pads prior to using them. This will prime them to absorb more as the absorbency of cotton increases after the first few washes. Washing pads two to three times before using is also highly recommended. You can also soak them overnight before washing.

Your pad can shrink or lose shape after washing. Just pull your new pads into shape before hanging them out to dry in the sun.

Easy-to-follow washing tips for cloth pads

Things to avoid while washing cloth pads

Sanitizing pads

When cloth pads are washed well, dried in direct sunlight and stored properly, they are perfectly hygienic and long-lasting.

Storing Pads

After drying, store them flat so that they don’t lose their shape. But do remember, they should be totally dry before reuse or storage.

You can use a small clean wet bag to carry around individual unused pads in your handbag. This also allows you to use the wet bag to store your used pad once changed over, until rinsing at the end of the day.