Hand Spot



Are you teaching your child about road safety?

Do you have multiple children and need young ones to stay in one place whilst beside the car?

If you answered yes to these then these hand spots are the answer!

These hand prints are made to aid you in teaching your child about car safety. By placing these hands on the side of your car, you can have a permanent, visible and memorable for your child. It does not take them long to recognise the hand spot and coordinated with a simple instruction it is very effective.

It took 2 weeks to train my 2 year old to recognise me saying ‘hands’ and him to place his hands onto the hand spot whilst I put my baby into the car.


* This hand spot is a teaching aid, NOT A SAFETY AID

*Children must always be supervised whilst using this product.

*Always be aware of the heat of the metal on your car turning summer, it can get very hot which is a hazard to your child.


  • *As these are made to order please allow up to 2 weeks for your item to be made. Typical timeframe in non busy periods is 2 days. Please send me a message via our facebook page if you would like a more accurate timeframe (during peak periods we post a reminder pop-up on the website to suggest the longer timeframe)