Snack Bags

Wipe Clean

The lining on the inside of these bags are water resistant coated, making them perfect for everyday use. Just invert and wipe clean and dry overnight to use the next day. Then put in the wash at the end of the week.

Zip Closure

With a zip closure these little snack bags are perfect for all ages.

Fill them up

Our snack bags are relatively air tight, so they can be use to carry so many things around keeping them fresher all day without having to use a single use bag. Lollies, chips, nuts, sandwiches, biscuits and more.

Take Anywhere

Our snack bags are perfect to take wherever you go. School, shopping, the park. With multiple sizes available they can be used for almost anything.

Our Snack Bags are currently in the testing phase and further production changes, to ensure we make high quality lasting products for you to purchase.

Check back here soon to see further progress and when they will be available.

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